Text-based Intuitive Personal Information Organizer


The only (AFAIK) console oriented PIM.


  • ncurses interface
  • Uses the IETF's iCalendar file format
  • Configuration file format and (most) key bindings default to those of the mail client Mutt
  • The first "I" stands for INTUITIVE (I hope)


...would anybody want a console oriented PIM?

I, and many people I know, dislike using mice.

...is it called Tipio?

Tipio was the only suitable acronym I could think of that returned no English-language results when searched for on Google.

...is it being written in C [as opposed to [insert language here]]?

Portability.  Some people might want to use Tipio not because they dislike mice; Tipio would be ideal for dumb terminals, shell accounts, and computers without mice and/or X servers.  Chances are if a server does not have an X server, it will probably not have Python, let alone the proper libraries for Python.


Evan Sultanik

How Does One Get It?

Tipio is currently in an Alpha Pre-Release stage, however work is feverishly being conducted to get it ready for the public.

To get the latest information on Tipio's development, check out our SourceForge site.

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